Opens in select theaters and ON DEMAND Nov. 1, 2013

For thirty years, Michael Walker (Harry Connick, Jr.) has only wanted one thing for Christmas and that’s to forget about it. That is until, a mysterious stranger named Nick (Willie Nelson), sells him the home of his family’s dreams with the vague condition that he keep up with the neighborhood standards. Michael quickly realizes his new street is his worst nightmare. Live Oak Lane is world famous for Christmas, complete with eye popping light displays, mounds of fake snow, thousands of visitors and his home as it’s glorious centerpiece.  ’Angels Sing’ is a comedic, heartfelt fable about the importance of family ties, the power of forgiveness and the undeniable magic of Christmas. Rounding out the cast are Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Eloise DeJoria, Bruce Robison, Sara Hickman and Turk Pipkin.