About DFIS

What is DFIS?

DF Indie Studios is the only independent studio providing 100% production financing, guaranteed U.S. Theatrical distribution as well as complete P&A support for productions budgeted under $10 million.

Market Timing

  • Dramatic decline in competition – no other studio producing and distributing product specifically in the under $10 million budget range.
  • Reduction in film output from major studios and sharp decline in indie film financing/production
  • Significant increase in recognizable, star talent wanting to work on films in this budget range due to: a dramatic increase in awards and nominations for small budget Indie films; talent wanting to try different genres for career development; the creative freedom of more pages shot per day and flexible scheduling of the resulting shorter filming periods.

Key DFIS Differentiators

  • Box office proven producing partners
  • 10-12 multi-genre films per year
  • Fully staffed, in-house distribution team of industry veterans
  • Guaranteed North American theatrical distrubution for all greenlit films
  • 105% film budget risk mitigation
  • Commercially viable films with recognizable talent
  • Greenlight process includes distribution dept from first day
  • Veteran management team
  • $100+ million P&A revolver

Economic Stimulus Package

DFIS will be an economic stimulus package for NYC, other states, and the entertainment industry by generating 10,000-15,000 film jobs over 5 years 10-12 multi-genre films per year and pouring millions of dollars into local economies.