Producer Criteria

  • Capable managers that have a track record of producing films on time and on budget.
  • More than one script in advanced stages of development, or fully developed, that can be produced for $10 million or less and are commercially viable.
  • We will not be making documentaries, short films or films with an NC-17 rating.
  • The flexibility to produce only in states or countries that have viable tax incentives.
  • A box office proven track record that is measured by a box office to budget ratio of 1.0 or higher for all films produced. Here are some examples from our existing production partners:
Producer# FilmsAvg. BudgetAvg. B. O.ABO / BO# Films < $12MAvg. BudgetAvg. B. O.ABO / BO
Producer A3048.7660.071.2346.1821.063.41
Producer B524.0028.621.1928.0018.492.31
Producer C225.856.921.18181.995.202.61