Tilda Swinton
- Oscar winning actress and DFIS Advisory Board Member

* “DF Indie Studios is set to become an invaluable saving grace of a currently endangered species: the intelligent, ambitious and commercially viable independent film – maybe even of intelligent, ambitious and commercially viable independent filmmakers themselves.  It is my honor and my personal pleasure to be working alongside Mary and Charlene in shaping this inspired and inspiring company.”

David Wiederecht
- President of Investment Strategies and Chief Investment Officer for GE Asset Management.

“I have known Charlene and Mary for almost ten years and cannot think of two more creative, honest and determined people to run DF Indie Studios.  I have seen both of them accomplish what others thought was impossible, and they always keep the interests of their financial partners first and foremost in importance.”

Ted Hope
– Award winning film producer and co-founder of This is that Productions

* “We have been working with the DF Indie Studios team for over a year now to make sure their model is designed to help the producer create great films,” said Ted Hope of This is that Productions. “Having guaranteed distribution through Ira and his team, working with other key DF Indie Studios team members like John Hadity on production finance and Amy Slotnick on slate development, as well as significant P&A to support their films is something we emphasized and they are delivering.”

Pat Kaufman
- Executive Director, New York State Governor’s Office for Motion Picture & Television Development.

* “I am so excited about your plans. Just back from Cannes where it is clear that your timing is perfect. The current environment really pleads for this sort of new venture! You’ve got an amazing team – all people I have known, respected and worked with for years.”

Glen Basner
- Foreign sales expert and Chief Executive Officer of FilmNation

* “International distributors will respond very positively to a new U.S. distribution company that can supply films with a guaranteed theatrical release and at budget levels that make sense in today’s economic climate,”

Christopher Dixon
- Entertainment Industry Analyst & Managing Director of Media Investments at GGCP, Inc.

* “DF Indie Studios fills a missing niche, providing a unique way for investors to participate with independent filmmakers making films that will be distributed,”

Sue Callaway
- former General Manager of Jaguar Cars North America, and a current contributing editor at Fortune and CNNMoney.com & investor in DF Indie Partners

* “I wanted an opportunity to get involved in independent film with a partner that treats its investors as exactly that – partners. The DF Indie Studios business model has been designed as an old-fashioned, unlevered model that ensures investors share in all revenue streams of the studio including distribution fees and any exits. Additionally, their veteran management team and producing partners are exactly the people who can deliver on the DF Indie Studios promise,”

Dirk Collins
- Leading Extreme Sports Film Producer and Teton Gravity Research Co-Founder

* “Mary Dickinson came to Teton Gravity Research (TGR) right after 9/11.  Needless to say it was a tough time to get investor’s attention.  She joined the team, got investors involved and worked with the bank and other creditors to give us room to breathe.  Structuring a deal with Reveille on a pair NBC pilots added a new dimension to TGR, and helped get the company’s foothold in TV.  Coming from NYC to Jackson Hole to work with a tight crew of action sport filmmakers could not have been easy and took integrity and heart.  I’d work with her again anytime.”